Environment & Ecology

ÖKOPROFIT - active contribution to environmental protection

Jäger Bau is a ÖKOPROFIT certified company since 2006.

A specially created environment team with members from all areas of the company deals with the largest, by the company caused, effects on the environment. This results in steady improvements and optimizations to the careful use of resources and energy. Thus CO2 emissions and power consumption can be reduced sustainably, the environmental impact can be decreased through the use of natural and energetically sensible materials and fabrics.
Last but not least, clients and partners benefit from this active contribution to environmental protection combined with economic savings.

ÖKOPROFIT is an important element for a process-oriented environmental management system and is supported by the state of Vorarlberg and the communities. The organisation offers individual counseling for businesses, joint work in workshops and collaboration with polictics, administration and authorities.

The main topics include waste, energy and material flows and thus, resource efficiency. The requirements of ÖKOPROFIT have been implemented in several European countries, as well as outside of Europe.