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Project development

In project development, JÄGER focuses on development, planning and implementation of innovative projects. Ideas become reality and projects are designed with a special eye for detail.

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Construction and civil engineering

JÄGER is successfully involved in the field of construction and civil engineering throughout the region and is a sought-after partner for private and public owners.

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Underground construction

JÄGER is involved in underground construction around the world and can draw on a longstanding wealth of experience and expertise.


An Austrian construction consortium of JÄGER BAU GMBH, Strabag AG and G. Hinteregger & Söhne Bau GmbH is taking over the excavation work of the “Gemeinschaftswerk Inn” on the Swiss-Austrian border area.

It is the largest newly constructed river power station in the Alpine region. The commissioning is planned for 2020. With more than 400 gigawatt-hours, the hydroelectric power station will contribute significantly to the autonomous power supply of the Tyrol.