On Jan 29th 2015, the breakthrough occurred at 1,935 m long parallel tailrace tunnel of the hydro power plant Innertkirchen 1 in the Bernese Oberland. This breakthrough, approximately 10 weeks ahead of the construction schedule, marked the completion of the excavation works of this highly successful construction project.
The works on the concrete construction will last until the end of 2015.

St. Barbara celebrations on JÄGER construction sites

The patron saint of miners and tunneling is traditionally commemorated on December 4th. Therefore, „St. Barbara“ celebrations were held on numerous construction sites in Austria and abroad, such as the Koralm tunnel, on the pumped storage power plant construction sites Obervermunt (AT) and Innertkirchen (CH), the Arlberg tunnel as well as the water transfer tunnel project in Crete (GR).

The second largest power plant of the illwerke vkw will, after its construction by approximately 500 million euro, have an energy and pumping capacity of 360 megawatts. DI Guntram Jäger (Jäger Bau) as spokesman of the joint venture described the unusual structural and logistical requirements of the project and tunnel patroness Sonja Wallner detonated a series of explosives. "The power plant Obervermunt II will act like a big battery", stated Illwerke-board member Helmut Mennel at the tunnel inset celebration on June 25th.

The joint venture of Austrian companies is acting as general contractor for the renovation work of the nearly 14 km long road tunnel between Vorarlberg and Tyrol. The contract value amounts a total of 128 million euros. 

The renovation work begins in autumn 2014 and includes complete blockings of the tunnel during the summer months of the years 2015 and 2017.

In May2014, the preliminary work on the tunnel-boring is taking place in two shifts. A workers' accommodation for 400 people and a goods lift (2640 meters in length and 20 tons payload) is being built.

From the previously awarded contract value of EUR 290 million, 80 million were awarded to companies in Vorarlberg (eg Jäger Bau).

February 2014: Some days ago the ARGE under the leadership of our company was officially charged by the Vorarlberger Illwerke with the errection of this huge impressive project in the Montafon Valley. JÄGER is responsible for the technical management and project management.

ARGE: 30% JÄGER, 30% PORR, Hinteregger and ÖSTU-Stettin 20% each.

December 2013: JÄGER will accompany the excavation works of a 3.5 km long tunnel for the water supply systems of Heraklion and Agios Nikolaos with a Double Shield TBM within the scope of a service contract by order of the Greek construction company Intrakat. JÄGER will also apply key personnel on site and provide consulting and planning services. 

After the 11 months construction period the last blasting for the underground cavern of the PSPP Samina took place on Sept. 29, 2012, which will be used as reservoir lake. The concrete works in the area of the cavern as well as the intake- and drainagetunnel will be carried out until the end of 2012. The opening is scheduled for 2015.

The tunnel ground-breaking ceremony for the structural retrofitting of the Michaelstunnel took place on 02.08.2011. Ms Senta Luise Gerstner, wife of the mayor, agreed to act as patron.

On 04.07.2011 the tunnel ground-breaking ceremony took place under the patronage of Ms Margit Fischer, the wife of the Austrian federal president. During the first six building months the advance work took place via the existing ventilation shaft. In the meantime, the 60 m deep building shaft has been completed and as a result the foundation laid for the installation of four tunnel drives – two tubes each in the directions of Graz and Klagenfurt.

On 24.05.2011 the roof breakthrough of the northern section occurred. The overall advance length of the northern section was 2,924 m. Of this 1,909 m was covered from the intermediate access tunnel and 1,015 m from the north portal. The entire stretch was completed in less than 11 months.

On 20.04.2011 the ground-breaking ceremony “Inlet gallery Rodund Plant II" took place.

The underground construction department made a site visit in Visp, Switzerland on 4 and 5 April, 2011. The associates from headquarters in Schruns had an opportunity to get an idea of the scale of the Eyholz tunnel project on site. The remarkable performance of people and machines were discussed in detail and further operations planned at the underground construction conference on the second day.

The ground-breaking ceremony for the Koralm Tunnel took place on 28.03.2011 in the presence of many prominent guests.

The breakthrough ceremony for the Saukopf rescue gallery took place on 18.03.2011 in Weinheim. The construction of the 2.7 km escape gallery began in October 2009 and is to be ready for operation in mid-2012.

The start of driving work on contract 2 of the Koralm tunnel took place on 14 February 2011. A total construction time of eight years is estimated for the shell construction activities that began on 10 January 2011. There is a total tunnel length of over 40 km to be driven.

Both tunnel boring machines are expected to begin driving at the end of 2012.