• DI Wolfgang Weber and Christoph Grass, MSc. are appointed member of the executive board.

    Until the end of 2021, the company is managed by DI Guntram Jäger, Nikolaus Gassner, MSc., DI Thomas Lang as well as DI Wolfgang Weber and Christoph Grass, MSc. and thus the process of succession planning is completed.

  • DI Thomas Lang has been appointed to the management of Jäger Bau GmbH.

    The management of the company will thus now be in the hands of graduate engineer Guntram Jäger, Nikolaus Gassner, MSc. and graduate engineer Thomas Lang.

  • DI Guntram Jäger and Mag. Nikolaus Gassner take over the management of the company group.

  • The executive board is reinforced by the addition of Mag. Nikolaus Gassner.

  • Mag. Nikolaus Gassner joins the company as head of finance and accounting.

  • DI Manfred Jäger and DI Guntram Jäger are appointed directors.

    Graduate engineer Manfred Jäger and graduate engineer Guntram Jäger join their father as directors of Jäger Bau, thus becoming the third generation of the family to lead the firm. Manfred Jäger takes on responsibility for underground mining, Guntram Jäger for civil engineering and construction, project development and the various subsidiaries.

  • Jäger Bau GmbH

    The firm known as Ing. Karl Jäger is renamed Jäger Bau GmbH.

  • The second generation

    Graduate engineer Karl-Ludwig Jäger, eldest son of the founder, joins the company in 1957 after graduating from the Technical University of Graz and working abroad for several years.

    Under his leadership, JÄGER evolves into an internationally recognised industrial company.

  • Elisabeth Jäger takes the helm.

    With the untimely death of graduate engineer Karl Jäger in 1939, his widow Elisabeth assumes responsibility for the fortunes of the construction company and guides the firm successfully through the difficult war and post-war years.

  • Foundation

    In 1922, having studied civil engineering at the Technical University of Vienna and worked in large German engineering firms, graduate engineer Karl Jäger founds a company known as Ing. Karl Jäger, a contractor for civil engineering and construction, in Schruns.  The first completed projects are headrace tunnels for hydroelectric power plants in Montafon. Graduate engineer Karl Jäger and his company subsequently participate in the construction of many power plants and tunnels and become involved in road and bridge construction.