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When you first visit our site, a cookie information message is displayed. When you first visit our site, a cookie information message is displayed. By accepting the cookie information message, you will be consenting to the use of the cookies and web beacons described above.


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This website uses cookies for the basic functionality of the site, such as the saving of search settings or, if necessary, to store your login status and login information.

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Saves the user’s current session, is in most cases deleted when the browser is closed.




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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the analytical tool from Google which offers transparency to site and app owners concerning the interaction of their users with the resources they offer. Google Analytics may use certain cookies to collect data and pass on site usage statistics, without however gathering information which would make it possible for Google to identify individual users.

The following cookies are used in the process:


_gaHere, Google Analytics records the anonymised IP address per domain visit, allowing it to recognise repeat visitors to the site24 monthsWeb
_gidIs used to distinguish between users.24
_gatIs used to slow down the request