Power plant Heiterwang, Reutte - Rotlechsperre, lower outlet reconstruction

Civil Engineering Underground engineering

Key data

Elektrizitätswerke Reutte AG
Contract value
0.37 Mio EUR
Construction time
August 2014 - January 2015

Sekretariat Tiefbau
+43 5 7181-1690

The reservoir commission called for the sealing organs on the bottom outlet of the Rotlechsperre to be rebuilt in line with the state of the art. This requirement has now been met with the installation of a second, identical sluice gate on the underwater side of the existing sluice gate. Access to the installation location was possible either from the top through an existing inspection walkway and vertical bay in the dam wall or from the downstream side through the 15-metre long bottom outlet (2.80 m/2.80 m). Space was very restricted.

Almost 90 m³ of concrete (reinforced in some cases) were cut out of the wall. Any demolition needed to be done with care (drilling, cutting and manual removal). The excavated material was transferred through the bottom outlet and carted off in troughs.

The steel armour was transported in two pieces to the installation location through the bottom outlet and mounted as well as welded to the existing armour. Following the installation, the remaining gaps were reinforced and filled with RS concrete with reduced shrinkage. During the adaptation work, the power plant remained in operation. The construction site had to be evacuated during flooding in accordance with the contingency plan.

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