L 192, Gargellener Strasse, St. Gallenkirch - Valisera bridge

Civil Engineering Road building

Key data

Agency of the Vorarlberg state government
Contract value
0.71 Mio EUR
Construction time
June 2012 - November 2012

Sekretariat Tiefbau
+43 5 7181-1690

The renewal of the Valisera bridge in Gargellen, which was built in 1958, had to be done without closing it to traffic. For this reason, the bridge was built to one side, which required elaborate excavation pit stabilisation measures using shotcrete and anchoring work (with IBO anchors). To protect the bridge, 15-mm-thick armour plating using galvanised steel plates was built on the north side. Furthermore, in the course of erection of the bridge, the existing sewerage channel was relaid on a new tubular bridge. This project required the use of approx. 450 m3 of concrete and approx. 60 tons of reinforced concrete.

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