Feldkirch Hospital - New OP wing south

Building Construction General structural engineering

Key data

Vlbg. Krankenhausbetriebs GesellschaftmbH
Contract value
7.36 Mio EUR (as part of a consortium)
Construction time
February 2015 - November 2018

Sekretariat Hochbau
+43 5 7181-1690

As a reliable partner of the Vorarlberger Krankenhausbetriebsgesellschaft (Vorarlberg hospital management association), Jäger Bau is now in a consortium working on the largest building construction project to date in the Vorarlberg region. Our company has been entrusted with the technical management of this development project. The regional hospital in Feldkirch is being expanded with the addition of a three-storey extension covering a total area of approx. 11,000 m². It will house 12 new operating rooms and a new intensive care unit, as well as additional medical rooms. The current operating theatres will be relocated to the new Spange Süd building, while the area freed up will be used for outpatients and functional purposes. Stringent requirements have been set for the construction companies involved: They require the handling of 15,000 m³ of excavated materials, 6,000 m³ of which are being excavated directly on the site of the existing buildings. 6,500 m³ of in-situ concrete and 650 tons of structural steel will be applied. Some of the walls will be built of barite concrete to ensure radiological protection. This heavyweight concrete is approx. 40% heavier than standard concrete. To ensure that surgery activities will be uninterrupted and internal hospital relocation runs smoothly, the additions to the building will take place in several phases, resulting in a relatively long construction period.

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