Obervermuntwerk II – Infrastructure work

Civil Engineering Underground engineering

Key data

ARGE Obertagearbeiten OVW II
Contract value
10.10 Mio EUR (in ARGE)
Construction time
April 2014 - September 2018

Sekretariat Tiefbau
+43 5 7181-1690

Jäger Bau was entrusted with the complete infrastructure work for the construction of the Obervermuntwerk II by ARGE in spring 2014.


This includes:

Construction of site roads and access routes

Ground and concrete works for the building site facilities, as well as for the concrete mixing facility and gravel preparation (used to produce concrete for power plant construction)

Build pre-cut for the tunnel portal (access tunnels to powerhouse, cable access and emergency routes, tail water duct at Vermunt outlet construction, Obervermunt service chamber, access tunnel, Silvretta protection shaft)

Construction of encircling embankment for outlet construction

Concrete work for Obervermunt service chamber, outlet construction, portal construction, Silvretta protection shaft and Silvretta circulation tunnel - service chamber

Secure Ill river bank in area of disposal site

Construction of avalanche protection embankment

The infrastructure work will most likely be completed in autumn 2018.

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