Rehabilition and expansion of the Oberau school center, Feldkirch

Key data

Town of Feldkirch
Contract value
3.37 Mio EUR
Construction time
June 2010 - February 2012

Having been selected as best bidder, JÄGER assumed the responsibility for building the Oberau school centre. This was a major construction project for the Feldkirch district. In addition to the renovation of the primary and secondary schools, all the gyms were rebuilt. In the process, spans of up to 30 m were bridged using poured-in-place concrete without pre-stressing. Hollow core slabs were used to reduce the dead load of the ceilings. The work proceeded under enormous pressure with a team of 40 workers plus 2 cranes. The school centre was finally completed in the autumn of 2012 after a construction period of approx. 2 years.

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