VerwallApartments Montafon, Tschagguns

Building Construction General contractor

Key data

Jäger Bau GmbH
Contract value
Construction time
November 2011 - December 2012

Sekretariat Generalunternehmer
+43 5 7181-1790

In the heart of Tschagguns, the former Hotel Verwall was completely renovated and converted into a modern apartment building. The shell of the building remained standing, retaining the original character of the Alpine structure. Behind the façade, 19 luxurious holiday apartments were built and sold to an international clientele.


Furthermore, a second building was erected in the style of the main building with 6 additional high-quality apartments. The revitalisation of the building meant a massive intervention in the existing structure, turning it into a major challenge in respect of the architecture, structural engineering considerations and construction technology involved.

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