STAG washing hall, Bludenz

Building Construction General contractor

Key data

STAG Staubgut Transport GmbH
Contract value
Construction time
April 2014 - December 2014

Sekretariat Generalunternehmer
+43 5 7181-1790

Jäger Bau was commissioned as general contractor with the building of a new washing facility for Staubgut Transport GmbH, a Jäger group company. The washing facility has two washing lanes for cleaning the interiors of silo and container lorries. To access the vehicles, a steel work platform was built between the washing lanes.

The existing petrol station was moved to make room for the hall, and all the components were replaced in the process.

In addition, the operating area was expanded by the addition of 20 new lorry parking spaces (approx. 3,750 m²); this expansion included asphalting work and the construction of drainage and lighting systems.

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